Car in front of insurance office

You have three options to renew your registration:

  1. Renew Online
  2. Renew by Mail
  3. Renew in Person

In order to renew or get new vehicle registration please have the following with you:

  • Valid insurance documents or pink card. We accept photocopies or electronic copies.
  • If renewing on behalf of someone else, please be sure to bring in a copy of their current registration documents
  • Please have a copy of the original bill of sale or lease agreement and NVIS (if required) for all new units to be registered
  • If changes need to be made, all owners must be present to sign for the changes
  • If not all owners are available to come in together, please use Authorization for Vehicle Services

Email or text message reminders that it is time to renew your registration are available through the Alberta Renewal Reminders (  at no charge.

To learn more, please visit the Alberta Government Registries Website at


Contact us and one of our brokers will be happy to assist you.

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