Understanding In-Transit Permits

In-transit permits allow you to move a vehicle or trailer that doesn’t have a valid vehicle registration and license plate. You can buy an in-transit permit online or from any registry office across Alberta.

You can purchase in-transit permits through the Government of Alberta website using the links on this page or from one of our Registries offices. If you decide to purchase in person, just be sure you have these documents on-hand:

  • Government issued photo ID, such as a driver’s license or passport
  • Valid insurance (pink card)
  • Proof of vehicle ownership with the original bill of sale or Certificate of Title (required only when moving vehicle out of province or into the province)

Buy an In-Transit Permit Online

You’ll need an in-transit permit to move or tow any unregistered vehicle or trailer within, into or out of Alberta from somewhere else in Canada. All in-transit permits cost $24, however there are different kinds of in-transit permits for specific situations:


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