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How to Detect a Phishing Campaign

Each year, cybercriminals get smarter and find new ways to get personal information from online users. Make sure you, and your employees, can recognize the warning signs.…

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Workplace Trends for 2022

The beginning of the year is often met with reflections on the past and predictions for the future. Workplaces experienced dramatic changes in 2021; these are some trends on the horizon for the 2022.…

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Workplace Policies to Prevent Harassment Claims

Workplace harassment is one of the most difficult risks for an employer to control. It can come from a lack of managerial action as easily as it can come from offensive behaviour.…

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Direct Compensation for Property Damage FAQs

On January 1, 2022, Alberta will adopt a Direct Compensation for Property Damage (DCPD) system which will simplify auto insurance claims following collisions. This is a list of frequently asked questions, courtesy of the Insurance Bureau of Canada.…

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Prevent ice dams

Preventing Ice Dams

During the winter Ice dams can cause water damage to your home. Be aware of the signs of ice dams and take these preventative measures. …

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building construction

Protecting Construction Sites From Fire

Many potential risks exist on construction sites, such as fire, theft and water. Buildings under construction have greater potential for significant damage from fire, especially before fire suppression systems are installed and operational, but there are a few ways to keep burning risks at a minimum.…

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The Cost of Ransomware Demands

The majority of ransomware attacks—which entail attackers gaining access to a victim’s data, encrypting it and then demanding ransom for the return of and access to the unencrypted data are made using the cryptocurrency Bitcoin as the medium for payment.…

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snow removal

Winter Weather Liabilities

If you deal with either commercial or residential property, you are responsible for the side effects of winter. In legal terms, snow and ice are the same as any other hazard presented on a property, and just like any other hazard, property managers can be held liable if they cause injury. To avoid litigation resulting from winter injuries, it is important that you are vigilant in your snow and ice removal efforts.…

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Car crash

Marijuana's Impact on Driving

Driving while under the influence of marijuana significantly impairs one’s driving ability by affecting judgment, motor coordination and reaction time.…

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risk management

Four Components of Effective Risk Management

Effective risk management creates value and should be an integral part of decision-making. How does risk management impact your bottom line?…

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Dash Cam

Are Dash Cams Right For Your Fleet?

Dash cam footage acts as an accurate record of what occurred during an incident instead of relying on witness testimony, which can be untrustworthy.…

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hard market

Navigating the Hardening Market

The insurance market is characterized by cycles. It fluctuates between soft and hard market conditions. Soft markets tend to be good for insurers because premiums hold steady or decrease. During a hard market, insurance rates increase and coverage is more difficult to obtain.…

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tenant insurance

Tenant Insurance - Why You Should Have It

What is the value of your personal belongings? Replacing these items could be a financial hardship, tenant insurance covers you.…

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Remodelling Your Home

Whether your renovation budget is large or small, you are adding both the value of your home and your exposure to risk. To ensure that your project goes smoothly and that you have the coverage you need, here is what you need to know.…

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auto insurance

Understanding Your Auto Insurance Policy

Deciphering all of the parts of your auto insurance policy can be a difficult task. Here, we’ve broken it down section by section so you can understand the information that is included in each part.…

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Understanding Coinsurance

Coinsurance, in a property policy, requires the policyholder to carry a limit of insurance equal to a specified percentage of the value of the property.…

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property insurance

The Basics of Commercial Property Insurance

One of the most important aspects of Commercial Property Insurance is making sure that you have purchased enough coverage to be adequately protected.…

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The Cost of Poor Management

Poor management can lead to workers feeling disengaged and uninterested in their job, which can lead to problems for employers. …

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Claim button

Steps to Filing a Property Claim

When a natural disaster strikes, the last thing you want to think about is filing a property claim. Following these steps will assist you with the claim.…

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Wood burning stove

Wood Burning Stove Safety

The largest source of fire in Canadian homes comes from fuel burning appliances. Use these tips to safely use your wood burning stove.…

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Top Cyber Threats for 2021

As the world continues to rely more and more on technology, the need to address threats to cybersecurity becomes increasingly important.…

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employee engagement

Employee Engagement

Engaged employees are more than just satisfied with their jobs; they are committed to the company and its goals. Read more about the importance of measuring employee engagement and how to get started.…

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errors and omissions insurance

Errors and Omissions Insurance

Errors and omissions (E&O) liability insurance covers any service cost that would otherwise result in a loss due to business operations. E&O insurance is appropriate coverage for anyone who gives advice, makes educated recommendations, or represents the needs of others.…

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Business Interruption

Business Interruption Insurance

Business interruption insurance provides protection against a variety of common interruptions, including natural disasters, equipment damage, vandalism and more.…

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Safety Plan

Hazard Prevention and Control

Once your business has identified existing and potential hazards, you are ready to implement the systems that can prevent or control those hazards.…

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Recruiting Post-coronavirus

Like most aspects of the workplace, recruiting norms have changed as organizations prepare their post-coronavirus plans. This article explains how employers can recruit post-coronavirus.…

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Cyber Risks & Liabillities

Cyber Risks and Liabilities

In this Cyber Risks and Liabilities newsletter, you'll read about COVID 19 related scams, the risks of using removable media devices and an overview of cyber security terms.…

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Reopening Your Business

If your business is planning to reopen, it’s important for you to have a return to work plan to help with the transition back to business and keep everyone healthy and safe.…

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Cyber Insurance

Cyber Liability Insurance

Understanding your coverage options is crucial to managing risk in your workplace. This content provides information about cyber liability insurance options that may benefit your business. …

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Alberta Registry

Registry Offices Open

If you require registries services, as of Monday, April 27th, our Registries offices in Sexsmith and Spirit River are open.…

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Vacant or Unoccupied Property

Has there been a change to your business operations that has resulted in a vacant or unoccupied building due to COVID19 or other circumstances? If so, please contact your broker today as there may be exclusions or restrictions that apply. …

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