Snowmobiles can present many hazards to drivers, passengers, other motorists and property. We can help you cruise through the coverage you need to ensure years of snowmobiling pleasure in the future.

Snowmobiles can present many hazards to drivers, passengers, other motorists and property, make sure you have the snowmobile insurance that is right for you.

Coverage Basics

A typical snowmobile insurance policy includes the following:


Covers your liability for an accident involving injury to other people or property, up to your liability limits.

Collision coverage applies if you hit an object, other vehicle or roll the snowmobile. A deductible will apply.

This covers the cost of damages to your snowmobile from a number of causes including fire, theft, vandalism, falling objects, windstorm, animal impact and others causes.  A deductible will apply.

Coverage can be added for items that were not part of the originally manufactured vehicle, such as parts that enhance the performance of the snowmobile.

Provides coverage for medical treatment and rehabilitation costs such as physiotherapy, if you are injured in an accident involving your snowmobile.

Do I Really Need to Purchase Snowmobile Insurance?

Snowmobiles are required to be registered, therefore Third Party Liability is mandatory.  The coverage for damage to the snowmobile is optional, but snowmobiles and recreational vehicles are prone to accidents and theft, so you will want to consider adding Collision and Comprehensive coverage.

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