Personal Umbrella Insurance
A personal umbrella insurance policy protects your personal assets by kicking in when your standard liability coverage is exhausted.

Unfortunately, accidents happen and it’s not uncommon for jury awards and out-of court settlements to run into the millions of dollars.  Are you certain your current liability insurance offers you enough protection?

personal umbrella insurance

For example, what if:

  • Your teenager runs a stop sign, causing a serious accident?
  • A delivery person falls on your sidewalk and is seriously injured?
  • A guest is injured by your family dog?

Therefore, if you are found to be legally responsible for injuring someone or damaging their property, without a personal umbrella policy, anything over the limits of your standard liability insurance coverage will come out of your own pocket. Standard liability insurance generally includes homeowners, renters, auto and watercraft policies.

Like an umbrella protects you from the rain, a personal umbrella policy provides an extra layer of coverage over your standard liability policies. In short, it protects you from a worst-case scenario where you could lose your assets in a lawsuit.

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