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Every situation is unique, whether you have just purchased your first vehicle or your fifth, whether it’s new, used or a classic car, your personal auto insurance coverage needs can vary. At PVI we deal with a variety of different insurance companies where we can find the best coverage at the most competitive price to fit your individual needs.


Although the mandatory coverages required for all auto policies in Alberta are the same, there is no “standard” policy when it comes to insuring your vehicle.  The auto insurance will be rated according to the coverages and limits selected (including any optional coverages), the driving and claims history of the drivers, and the use of the vehicle.  Personal use refers to vehicles used for pleasure purposes or for commuting to work or school.  It will also include business use for those that use their vehicles for business purposes, such as sales.  Our knowledgeable brokers will help guide you to select the coverage that is best for you and your situation. 

In Alberta, there are three types of coverage that are mandatory:

auto insuranceThird Party Liability

  • Provides coverage for bodily injury (including death) and property damage to a third party if you or someone driving your vehicle are at fault for the accident. 

Direct Compensation Property Damage (DCPD)

  • Provides coverage for physical damage to your vehicle when you are not at fault in a collision accident.  This coverage includes Loss of Use benefits as well as damage to contents in the vehicle at the time of the accident.

Accident Benefits

  • This coverage includes limited benefits for the driver, occupants and even pedestrians, that are injured or killed in an accident, regardless of fault.  This can include, medical and rehabilitation costs, funeral expenses, death benefits and income replacement.  This coverage is no fault benefit and is claimed under your own auto policy regardless of who is at fault for the accident.


There are several optional and additional coverages, as well as endorsements to choose from:

This coverage combines Collision and Upset with Comprehensive under one single coverage.  This is most commonly available for recreational vehicles such as snowmobiles and ATVs as well as large commercial trucks and trailers.

This provides coverage for damages caused by collision with another vehicle or other object as well as upset (rolling the vehicle).

This provides coverage for any damages caused other than by collision or upset.  It includes losses such as impact with wildlife, flying or falling objects, fire, lightning, theft, explosions, earthquake, windstorm, hail, rising water, vandalism, and riot. 

Note:  Although vehicle glass is covered under Comprehensive, it is common to exclude it due to the high cost of including it in your policy.  Consider a separate glass contract which can usually provide glass coverage at a lower cost.

This coverage is not as broad as Comprehensive, and only includes coverage for fire, lightning, theft, windstorm, earthquake, hail, explosion, riot, falling and forced landing of an aircraft or its parts, rising water, and the stranding, sinking, burning, derailment or collision of any unit that the vehicle is being transported on by land or water.  You will note it does not cover any glass, vandalism, or animal impact.

This provides coverage for the cost of a rental vehicle, up to the limit purchased, if your vehicle is not drivable due to an insured loss. This will also provide coverage when your vehicle is drivable after the accident or loss but is in the shop getting repaired.

If you qualify, it is an extra level of protection you can add to your existing auto insurance policy to protect your rates from  increasing as a result of your first at-fault accident.

This coverage is usually only available for private passenger vehicles.  In the event your vehicle is determined to be a total loss from an insured peril, it will cover the cost to replace with a new model.  To qualify, you must be the original owner of a new vehicle and must purchase the coverage in a limited period of time after purchasing the vehicle.  Our qualified brokers can review the qualifications for coverage with you to determine if this coverage would be available.

This endorsement will stop the depreciation on a vehicle in the event the vehicle is determined to be a total loss caused by an insured peril.  You must be the original owner or lessee of a new vehicle and purchase the coverage in a limited period of time after purchasing the vehicle.  Unlike replacement cost, it will not upgrade you to a newer model year, but it will cover up to the original purchase price or MSRP, whichever is lower.

This endorsement will provide coverage for physical damage to a rental vehicle.  There is a maximum amount it will pay so make sure your limit is high enough to cover the value of the vehicle you will be renting.

The cost of including glass coverage on your auto policy is typically very high in Alberta.  As a result, we offer a separate glass coverage that can provide this protection at a lower cost. 


If you have a car that is a collectible or restored classic car, then you should consider insuring it under a Classic Car program.  With the standard auto policy, the value of the vehicle would be calculated on a depreciated basis.  That price may not accurately reflect the true value of the car.  The Classic Car program allows you to insure the vehicle to an agreed value, based on a certified appraisal. 

Vehicles that qualify for this program are not driven daily, but can be used for car club functions, exhibitions, organized meets, tours, and some leisure use.  Typically, mileage would be under 8,000km per year.

By having a conversation with one of our brokers, they will be able to help you navigate all the options to ensure that you have the coverage that is perfect for you. Contact us today.

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