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Companies face the challenge of our ever changing world of technology and new types of risks daily. PVI offers coverages to ensure your company is covered.


The insurance needs will vary depending on which aspect of technology your business operates in.  The following coverages may be required.


Protects your business from damages caused by bodily injury or property damage to others for which your business is found to be legally responsible for.  This will provide coverage for on premises, such as a slip & fall, or in conjunction with the work you perform.

Coverage can be purchased to cover your building, if owned, along with the business furnishings, equipment, parts, and inventory.

Typically those involved in the technology field have a large investment in electronics.  An electrical or mechanical breakdown of this equipment can be costly.  This coverage will help you to become operational as soon as possible and will also respond to some of the extra costs you may incur in order to get back up and running.

A significant loss to your building or equipment can have a serious impact on the business operations, possibly even resulting in a shut down.  Business Interruption will provide coverage for the lost revenue and some extra expenses you may incur until you are back up and running.   This coverage can be extended to include Business Interruption due to your Machinery Breakdown coverage as well.

Between hackers and human error, it is becoming increasingly challenging to withstand cyber-attacks.  This coverage will help protect you for security breaches against your business, thereby making not only your own business, but the personal information regarding your employees and customers vulnerable.  Cyber attacks can also include ransom demands and denial of service, which would impede your ability to do business.

Your customers depend on your expertise and advice.  This coverage will help protect you should you be found legally liable as a result of your technology and related operations or services.

Our commercial insurance professionals are here to help you find the best coverage to fit your needs. Contact us today to find out more.

Payment plans are available for all commercial policies.


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