At PVI our experienced brokers understand oilfield operations and exposures, along with the challenges that oil and gas companies face in the dynamic industry they work in. Each company is unique and needs their own risk management review to identify these exposures and challenges.


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The Oil & Gas Industry is a diverse business.  It includes the processes of exploration, extraction, refining, transportation, and marketing of petroleum products.  There are so many different aspects of work related to the industry, it isn’t possible to have a One-Size-Fits-All insurance policy.   Our expert brokers will look at all the various aspects of your particular role in the industry to determine the specific coverages required for your business so that you are protected if the unexpected happens.

What are some of the common coverages required in the Oil & Gas Industry?

This category can include a vast array of equipment.  Everything from small hand tools to large, specialized equipment.  This category can include both stationery and mobile equipment and the coverages required will vary based on the specific equipment you use in your operations.

Business owners will require coverage for all the physical assets they own or lease and that are important to the operations.  This can include any buildings, office furnishings and equipment, equipment in the yard or warehouse, manufacturing production equipment, inventory of retail products, or spare parts.  This can include property a business location or at a work site. 

The Commercial General Liability policy provides coverage for bodily injury and property damage claims for which your business may be legally at fault for due to negligence.  Even if you feel you are not responsible, the policy will include the legal cost to defend against the allegations.  Also, depending on the nature of your specific business, you may require additional liability coverage for Pollution or Cyber.  Our skilled brokers can help determine what liability exposures you have, to select the right combination of liability coverages required to protect you.

What types of businesses can we insure?

  • Well Head
  • Field Operators
  • Construction and Site Prep
  • Equipment Operators
  • Consultants
  • Trades
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation
  • Dispatch
  • Exploration
  • Production
  • Contractors
  • Camp Providers
  • Professionals


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