Faith based organizations face complex challenges as many such organizations serve not only their congregation, but many will offer community services including food banks, childcare or even “in from the cold” programs.  As such, faith-based organizations require a policy that is designed to respond to the unique challenges they face.

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Property owned by faith-based organizations may have several unique features, such as stained glass, pipe organs and religious artifacts.   With insurance programs available that are designed for faith-based organizations, coverage is specialized to provide coverage for these types of property, as well as the usual office supplies, equipment and furnishings.

The equipment required to heat the buildings or provide air conditioning in the warmer months, can be costly to repair in the event of a mechanical breakdown.   This coverage would also be of particular importance for any building heated by a boiler system; not only for breakdown of the system, but due to the excessive damage an explosion of the boiler could cause.

As with any business or organization, accidents can happen.  Liability coverage can protect the operation against claims of injuries or property damage to others due to the negligence of the organization.  This would extend to cover actions of not only employees but volunteers as well.  Slip & fall claims on premises, for example, can and do occur.

Many faith organizations have a board of volunteers that oversee the operations.  These volunteers can be personally held legally responsible if a mistake or oversight occurs under their direction.  This coverage will protect the assets of the organization as well as that of the directors and officers.

As many faith-based organizations offer programs directed to children and other potentially vulnerable people, they will want to consider adding Abuse Liability.  Charges of abuse are not covered under the General Liability coverage.  The coverage would respond to allegations and would provide financial protection for the institution, including the cost of legal defence.

Cyber-attacks and ransom demands are everyday occurrences.   They are disruptive and costly to any organization.  Also, any organizations that keep personal information on their customers or congregation can incur large costs should a system breach occur.  This is a growing concern among all businesses these days.  Alberta currently has legislation in place that requires notification be sent to those that may be affected and that can come with a large cost.

Our brokers are experienced in providing coverage for faith-based organizations and all the unique exposures the organization faces.  We can design a policy that will respond to these exposures and protect the assets of the organization.


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