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As a property owner, whether it is investment property or property that you use for your business operations, you have valuable assets that need to be insured against potential loss. Damage to your property can financially strain a company, so it is important to have proper insurance coverage in place.


Commercial buildingsAs a business owner, you have made a heavy investment in physical assets for your business.  This can include your office furnishings and contents, inventory, equipment (both stationary and mobile), tools, computer and communication systems.  You may also own the building or lease a location where you have invested in some improvements and betterments such as flooring, walls, and built in shelving or other permanently installed improvements.

With the ownership of such property also comes risk.  Many risks are beyond your control, such as a broken pipe, windstorm damage or fire.  All of these can cause a significant amount of damage and subsequently, a significant financial hardship.   Major loss can be the source of an unexpected interruption to your business.  If you are forced to close your doors for an extended period, you will lose revenue while having additional expenses you may not have accounted for.

Each business is unique and, therefore, each requires a specialized policy that responds to their specific needs.  Our expert insurance advisors can help you identify the exposures you face as well as providing insurance solutions for the property you own or lease that is at risk.

Commercial Property Insurance can provide protection for the physical assets of the business which, in turn, can help you to survive a major loss.

What Would a Commercial Property Insurance cover?

  • The cost to repair or replace all your damaged property as the result of a loss
  • Betterments and improvements to a leased location made at your expense
  • Business interruption coverage
  • Additional expenses to get your business up and running as quickly as possible after a loss

At Prairie Villa Insurance, our goal is to help you customize a commercial property policy that responds to your specific needs.

Payment plans are available for commercial policies.


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