Your business is important. Protect it from unexpected operational risks. Commercial General Liability insurance is a product designed to protect your business from liability imposed by law as a result of your negligence. It responds to Third Party bodily injury and property damage losses that occur during the regular course of your business operations.


Commercial General Liability coverage can included:

A type of liability coverage designed to protect traditional professionals (e.g. Accountants, Attorneys) and quasi-professionals (e.g. real estate brokers, consultants, web site designers and programmers). It covers legal obligations arising out of a professional’s errors, negligent acts, or omissions.

Many people volunteer their time or are paid to sit on a board of directors. What they don’t realize is that by doing this, they are putting their personal assets at risk. This coverage is designed to protect those responsible for overseeing your business or organization.

To protect your business from a data breach in which customers personal information is exposed or stolen. The damage to your company’s reputation as well as the regulatory costs involved in dealing with the data breach can be insurmountable.

This provides and increased limit of liability insurance. It is designed to help protect you from major claims and lawsuits and as a result it helps protect your assets and your future.

This covers the cost of restoring damage caused by environmental accidents, such as pollution of land, water, air and biodiversity damage as well as the potential future monitoring costs imposed by regulatory bodies.

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