Despite the best laid plans, accidents do happen. This is when you will be glad that you are working with a broker that is committed to providing you with the personal service you need at this trying time. The friendly and knowledgeable brokers at PVI have the experience to guide you through the claims process and ensure that your claim information is dealt with in a timely manner.

What to do in the event you have a Claim: auto claim

  1. Report the loss immediately to your broker, or directly to your Insurance Provider, with details as to what happened, the time of the loss, people and/or vehicles involved and any other relevant information. Find your Broker
  2. If reported to your Broker, they will complete and submit a Notice of Loss to the Insurance Company with the details provided.
  3. The Insurance Company’s Claims Department will have the claim assigned to a Claims Adjuster. This may be a company adjuster or an independent adjuster. The Adjuster’s role is to investigate all the details of the loss to determine if coverage under the policy will respond.
  4. In some situations, regarding damage to vehicles, equipment or other property, an Appraiser may also be assigned to provide a valuation of the property damaged or destroyed and repair estimates.
  5. Once the claim has been finalized, a final Proof of Loss form may need to be completed and may need to be signed in the presence of a Commissioner of Oaths. This form is the final document required prior to any settlement payouts.

We have a dedicated Claims Liaison on staff, who is available to assist you in the event of a Claim:

Debra Cartier, Claims Liaison, has been with Prairie Villa Insurance since 2015 and in the insurance industry for 33 years.  She completed her Canadian Accredited Insurance Brokers (CAIB) Designation program with Honours.  During her career she has worked as a Commercial Account Executive, an Office Manager, Operations Manager, and a Branch Manager.  She has been an insurance trainer and facilitator for 18 years and worked full time for two years with the IBAA in charge of their Education Training and Development Department.

Call your Broker:
Grande Prairie | 1-800-532-0099
Sexsmith | 1-800-288-8341
Spirit River | 1-877-297-1541

Peace Hills General Insurance Company| 1-800-272-5614
How to Make a Claim

Economical | 1-800-607-2424

Travelers | 1-800-661-5522

Northbridge | 1-855-621-6262

Claims to be made directly through a Preferred Service Centre Glass Shop 

  • Vehicles are to be taken directly to the shop for repair or replacement
  • Shop collects deductible


Contact us and one of our brokers will be happy to assist you.

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