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What People Are Saying!

“Recently I was in an accident with my Audi Q5. We hit a deer driving on the highway and there was substantial damage to my vehicle, as well as, all the air bags deployed. I had bought my Audi brand new and I only had it for just over a year. I was devastated!

With the amount of damage and how new the vehicle was I was very reluctant to just have it repaired, but at the same time the thought of it getting wrote off and possibly not receiving enough money from the insurance company was also a worry.

After speaking with my insurance agent at PVI Insurance I was extremely happy to discover that my insurance agent had included a clause in my policy that stated I would get full replacement value for my vehicle if it was deemed to be a write off.

This was the best news I could have received, because of my agent at PVI going the extra mile and making sure I had coverage, I would never have thought to ask for, I was not going to be out any money and I would have a complete replacement vehicle. All my worries were gone!
I am so thankful to PVI and the great service and products they provide!! I would gladly recommend them to everyone!”

Jannine Nelson, Canadian Natural Resources

Dianne Dooling Testimonial

“Working with Brent at Prairie Villa Insurance is not only convenient, it is essential to how we operate our business.  We pride ourselves in supporting local businesses and PVI has handled our fleet and various insurance needs over the years in a very proficient manner.  However, we recently needed some assistance on getting additional bonding in place as we grew our business.  Brent has such a complete understanding of our business and how we operate, that he was able to guide us through the process, connect us with the right provider, and put us in a position to move forward.   It was also apparent that Brent and his team are highly regarded within the Insurance industry, which provided the insurance companies we were dealing with a higher level of trust in us right from the get-go.

The local connection was crucial; if we had a question he was just a phone call away, getting together for meetings was convenient and he put our needs first.  It is without hesitation that I would send other businesses’ and colleagues to Prairie Villa Insurance.”

Pete Merlo, LSM Group of Companies

“I would like to thank Jody for her part in getting me the best insurance policy and coverage on my fifth wheel holiday trailer when I needed it. The claims person Irene has told me that I have a great policy on my holiday trailer when a fire started and I had to do a claim.”

Frank Doll

“I have a local business in Grande Prairie and was dealing with a local insurance company for many years.  I recently took the opportunity to have the staff at Prairie Villa Insurance review my portfolio.  I was extremely pleased to find, that because of policy overlaps, I was able to save over $2,000.00 annually, and I have the same coverage.  They have extensive knowledge and it has paid off for me and my business!”

Murray Driver, Driver Advertising Systems.