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3rd Annual Jamie Krzysik Racing Fund-Raiser

We are happy to have the opportunity to support our local talent!  Recently we were involved in the 3rd Annual Jamie Krzysik Racing Fund-Raiser, great to receive a thank you letter and hear it was a success!

Jamie Krzysik

Thank you very much for making the 3rd Annual Jamie Krzysik Racing Fund-Raiser a great success!

Over 220 people attended the event held April 27th at Spurs Cookhouse and Dance hall in Grande Prairie, AB.  It was an amazing event and would not have been possible without companies and individuals such as yourself.  We were fortunate enough to raise almost $30,000 which is absolutely unbelievable!  With the funds raised we raced the following weekend in the 2nd race of the Nascar K&N West series in Stockton, CA.  It was a successful outing, but not without some difficulties resulting in a 13th place finish.  I also got the opportunity to race with another K&N team at the East/West combination race at Iowa Speedway in Newton, IA on June 7th and also the I-44 Speedway in Lebanon, MO resulting in a 6th and 10th place finishes.  Next on the schedule for me is another K&N West race at Colorado National Speedway just outside of Denver on July 27th.

Thank you very much,

Jamie Krzysik